Get paperless

PaperBit is our own product which represents smart document management

Aren’t you tired of searching trough all types papers searching for a single piece of information? We got your back. You have all the information you need from a single search.

Structured Documents

Organise your documents into folders and subfolders in such a way to fit your business model.


Add different versions for you documents and search trough them to see changes over time.

Document Processing

We automatically process and analyse your documents in order to extract all available words.

Smart Search

Search trough your documents using our intelligent search which support corrections and predictions.

Traceability & Permissions

Track any changes that are made on your documents. Give permissions to user per document or folder.

Email Sync

Sync your email with our application and we will process all attachments of your emails.

How it works?

Scan your documents
Once you have your documents scanned, you can upload them into our web platform and we will start processing them. You can always add new documents to the archive.
Process Documents
We will start processing your documents using our OCR engine to extract every bit of information from it. Once the text is extracted, the relevant data is highlighted, like the title, date, name of a person, services from invoices, etc..
We will automatically index relevant/highlighted data so it will be easier for you to reach it trough our search. You can see at any moment what we were able to extract from the document and add other indexes that are missing.
Smart Search
Now that you have the documents you can search for every word extracted from the document, especially for indexes. Our search return results based on context, gives you the context of the search, supports suggestions and diacritics. You can also see a preview of the page in which the result was found and open the original document at that page.
User Rights
Select which user has what right on which document or folder. You can specify what to see, what is able to download, where is able to write, in which folder and much more.
Use the traceability to see the history of every change that was made on that document and by who. This will give you an overview of what is happening on your platform.
Email Sync
Sync your work email with our platform and we will automatically upload any attachment into your own personal inbox inside the platform. The document is processed like any other document so you can search in it.

How it looks?